The Process

  1. You contact us and we schedule your consultation.
  2. We send you a form to fill out that tells us essential information about you and your family so that we can provide the BEST Experience: who you are, what your children’s favorite things are, food allergies (cookies and milk!), and so on.
  1. Santa and Mrs. Claus will provide a customized letter and golden ticket for the children.
  2. Parents dress as you would like for family photos at the end of the session (changing space is available, you do your own hair and makeup).
  3. Children wear our specially designed PJs for milk and cookies with Santa and Mrs. Claus (changing space is available, parents do children’s hair).
  1. After changing, Mrs. Claus will escort the children to present their golden tickets to Santa. The magic begins!
  2. Santa and Mrs. Claus regale the children with stories about Christmas and the innermost workings of the North Pole.
  3. The Experience wraps up in a special dispensation of Christmas magic that the children take with them.
  4. We take hundreds of photos throughout the 45-60 minutes of stories.
  1. Afterward, we edit and add special North Pole magic to the photos and invite you (the parents or grandparents or uncles or aunts or…) back for a viewing session.
  2. During the session you view the photos and select what you like.
  3. A special offering is a custom book with poetry written by Santa and Mrs. Claus and filled with photos of your family. You can see more of what we offer on our Exceptional Fine Art page.