Meet our amazing team.

We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in creating unique experiences for families.

Doc List, Photographer

Doc List

Photographer and Designer

Doc List is an award-winning professional photographer. He has received both the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman recognitions from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), as well as numerous awards and recognitions from PPA, Texas PPA, and Austin PPA. He is well known for his work with his Hexagon Project, his collaboration with the Moving Beyond Cancer Collaborative to celebrate and honor breast cancer thrivers, and his creation of Winged Beings.

Dave Thomas


Dave is a professional Santa Claus with decades of experience making children and adults happy. He is a powerful storyteller and performer who is thoroughly believable.

Dave is also a highly respected and accomplished swim coach.

LeAnn Carr

Mrs. Claus

LeAnn is Dave’s partner in creating the immersive experience. Between them they provide youngsters (and all of us are youngsters at heart) with a joyful experience.

LeAnn is also a highly respected and accomplished swim coach.

Daniel McCord, Photographer

Daniel McCord

Apprentice Photographer

Daniel is a talented and experienced photographer. He has apprenticed to Doc to learn about studio lighting, establishing and growing relationships with subjects, and how to build and grow a photography business. Daniel is responsible for bringing the members of this team together.

Daniel is also a highly respected and accomplished swim coach and the owner of Texas Gold Swimming in Georgetown with his wife Paige.